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Coming Autumn 2022 (Avant Verlag)

Soon to be released

How my dog is secretly trying to get me killed (The Nib Magazine)

 Six explainer comics

(girocard Germany)


Puck (Literaturhaus Stuttgart)

"Es geht nicht.." (Projekt Pausentaste)

Tocotronic Songbook (Ventil Verlag)

Business As Usual (Literaturhaus Stuttgart)

Aarna's Story (Klett Verlag)

Menstruationshintergrund (An.schläge Magazin)

Pandemic (Goethe Institut Korea)

Casual Fridays (Instagram)

2019 and earlier

Your better hope it's fake (The Nib)

Gender Expression (The Lilly)

The Great Vagina Scam (The Nib)

History Repeating Itself (The Nib)

Take a Hint (The Nib)

The Taste of Home (The Nib)